GCG have been heavily involved in the design and development of numerous highway, rail, airport, harbour/port, reservoir and utilities projects. From desk study through to site investigation, design, specification, tendering, and construction, we have experience at all stages of a new project. We also have expertise in relation to the monitoring, maintenance, enhancement and protection of existing assets. Accordingly, we are able to provide support for asset managers over the whole life cycle of the asset.


Projects we are involved with include dams, slopes, embankments, marine structures and tunnels. We have worked on projects of all scales, from relatively small pipe jacks to Crossrail, the largest civil engineering project in Europe at the present time.


As with buildings, the ground movements generated by excavation, construction or tunnelling can affect assets that may be nearby and understanding the impact of these movements can be critical to the success of a project. Depending on the nature of the project GCG can choose from the suite of assessment tools available to us, from empirical methods to sophisticated numerical analysis.