Energy / Sustainable Development


From offshore wind to nuclear energy, GCG have been involved in a wide range of projects.


Over the years GCG have been involved with a number of nuclear related projects, primarily giving advice on site characterisation, hazard identification, foundation conditions and the assessment of foundations for reactors under varying loading conditions.


In addition members of GCG have participated in a number of European funded projects related to Nuclear Waste Repositories. Recent developments in our numerical analysis capabilities mean that we have the ability to model thermodynamic soil behaviour to assess the ground’s response to changes in temperature often associated with nuclear waste repositories. In addition to nuclear applications, we have also provided advice in relation to the use of thermal piles, in both open and closed loop systems, aiding the understanding of their response and potential impact.


GCG have considerable expertise related to the design of foundations for offshore windfarms and continue to be heavily involved in research work aiming to reduce the cost of energy through improvements in foundation design methods to facilitate  the use of renewable energy.


We also have experience in a number of aspects for coal, gas and oil production, particularly related to mining and drilling operations, including offshore drilling.


energy and sustainable development