GCG have amassed considerable experience and expertise assessing claims made in relation to geotechnical projects, providing specialist advice to insurance companies. We have assessed claims related to all aspects of geotechnical engineering, from foundations to slopes to marine structures, and for projects of all sizes, from party wall disputes to providing independent advice for some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world.

The expertise of our members has been called upon on numerous occasions to provide forensic engineering services, i.e. to investigate and understand geotechnical failures, and at times to act as Expert Witnesses during legal proceedings.

GCG have provided support to the shipping industry for the shipment of granular bulk cargoes, such as bauxite, Iron ore, nickel ore, coal and mineral concentrates. We have provided expert advice on liquefaction and moisture-induced instability of bulk cargoes. We have also overseen and directed large scale international research into the stability of bulk cargoes during shipment.