Numerical Analysis


GCG uses ICFEP to model a broad range of geotechnical situations, including complex soil-structure interaction problems (such as deep basements, foundations and tunnels), progressive failure of dams and embankments, dynamic response of soils, environmental effects and thermal behaviour.


numerical analysis

This state-of-the-art software has been developed over a number of decades at Imperial College under the leadership of Professor David Potts, GCG Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at Imperial College and a Senior Consultant to the company. With 2D and 3D modelling capabilities ICFEP incorporates a number of advanced soil and structural constitutive models and boundary conditions, while its continuous development allows recent research findings to be applied in practice.


Current development examples include a rigorous approach to the modelling of time-dependent behaviour of shotcrete and the fully coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical formulation that is applied in the analysis of thermo-active structures such as piles, tunnels and retaining walls, as well as nuclear waste disposal in deep geological repositories.