Numerical Analysis


GCG uses the finite element program, ICFEP, which is one of the world’s most advanced soil-structure interaction FE programs. It has been developed at Imperial College over more than 40 years under the guidance of Prof David Potts.

ICFEP employs the most advanced soil and structural constitutive models and boundary conditions with 2D and 3D modelling capabilities. This makes it a versatile and rigorous program that enables accurate modelling of geotechnical problems. Commercially ICFEP is available exclusively to GCG. Its continuous development allows recent research findings to be applied in practice.


GCG uses ICFEP to model a broad range of geotechnical situations, including complex soil-structure interaction problems (such as deep basements, foundations, and tunnels), progressive failure of dams and embankments, dynamic response of soils, environmental effects, and thermo-active structures (such as piles, tunnels and retaining walls, as well as nuclear waste disposal in deep geological repositories).