100 Bishopsgate

Location: London, UK

Dates: 2010-2012

The site lies at the corner of Bishopsgate and Camomile Street, approximately 250m south of Liverpool Street Station in London. The development adds to the cluster of high-rise developments in this area, including the Heron Tower, the Swiss Re building (The ‘Gherkin’), 20 Fenchurch Street and Bishopsgate Tower. Existing lower rise commercial and retail buildings have been demolished to make way for this new commercial and retail development. The main development comprises a 39 storey tower, with two connected 6 storey buildings. A common 2 storey basement extends to a depth of approximately 12m below ground level, under the tower and one of these buildings, with a single level basement under the other. South of St Helen’s Place, there is a further 6 storey commercial building, also with a 2 storey basement. The development is in close proximity to a number of other structures, including commercial buildings and two historic churches which are sensitive to ground movements. Additionally, the existing buildings within St Helen’s Place which were demolished to make way for the development had their façades retained, which required works to underpin these elements of the structures.

GCG undertook a desk study investigation for the St Helen’s Place part of the site, provided a scope for the intrusive ground investigation of the full site, monitored and advised the GI contractor throughout the on-site investigation works, and undertook the geotechnical interpretation of the factual data. GCG also provided guidance and advice with respect to the options for foundations, the excavation retaining walls, and all underpinning of adjacent structures where necessary. This involved close co-operation with a range of other experts including third party party-wall surveyors, archaeologists and built heritage specialists. In addition, GCG have looked at issues of ground movement and potential building damage resulting from the development, and advised on measures to minimize such movements and damage.