Article on ‘The Harwich Formation in London – The legacy of Chris King’

GCG‘s Jackie Skipper and Imperial College London PhD student Justyna Edgar’s paper on the Harwich Formation of the London basin is now available online. The Harwich Formation, a thin but highly variable group of clays, silts, sands, gravels and occasional cemented layers, has presented many engineering problems in the past. This paper will hopefully assist identification & remediation of risks in the future.

The paper is part of a Special Volume celebrating the life & work of the wonderful Chris King, who worked with many of us at GCG, and contains many other interesting papers related to his work

Included is ‘Some applications of King’s London Clay divisions to geotechnical engineering practice’ by Dr Jamie Standing of Imperial College (and a GCG Associate).

The Proceedings of the Geologists Association have provided a URL providing 50 days’ free access (up to 25 Dec 20) to the Harwich Formation article.

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