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Who are GCG?

GCG is a leading firm of highly qualified consultants, comprising geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists, who pool their expertise to provide a comprehensive specialist consulting service in geotechnics.

GCG is an independent partnership owned by its members, providing expert advice to a wide range of clients.


Given our independent nature and the capability of our team, we have become the ‘go to’ geotechnical consultancy for major projects around the world.

Our vision is “to continue to be the independent global expert
of choice in the provision of specialist geotechnical advice”

We achieve this through:

Developing and maintaining relationships with a wide range of existing and new clients in the private and public sectors.

Recruiting, nurturing and developing high calibre personnel.

Collaborating with research universities and institutions that are pre-eminent in our field to provide innovative solution.


May 17, 2022

Congratulations to our Dr Michael Wan for becoming an ICE Fellow

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Apr 26, 2022

GCG’s Tom Morgan to present on faulting under London to the Open University’s Geological Society

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Mar 1, 2022

GCG’s Associate Prof Richard Jardine has been invited to deliver the 6th McClelland Lecture

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