HDD below movement-sensitive railway assets, UK

Location: UK

Client: Clancy Group Ltd

Dates: 2021

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works were being constructed as 2 x 400m long 500mm to 600mm diameter bores for electrical cables. The cables are required to power the HS2 Tunnel Boring Machines at Old Oak Common. The HDDs passed beneath movement-sensitive railway bridges, as undertrack crossings in the London Clay.

During construction, excessive heave of the railway assets occurred unexpectedly, and GCG was commissioned by Clancy Group Ltd (CGL) to serve as a consultant geotechnical specialist to advice in respect of HDD work. GCG’s scope included careful review of the ground conditions, site drilling reports, drilling records, drilling mud and pressure information, and movement monitoring data in order to determine the causes of the movements. GCG was also required to support CGL and UKPN (who are in an alliance for the delivery of this project) in day-to-day dealings with the specialist HDD Contractor and their advisers.