Dungeness A Power Station – Geotechnical Support for Cement-Bentonite Grout Backfilling

Location: Dungeness, UK

Client: ID Corcoran Building Contractors / Magnox

Dates: 2021-present

Dungeness ‘A’ is a redundant nuclear power station that is currently undergoing decommissioning. To allow the positioning of a large crane to aid future decommissioning works, as well as to meet the End State requirements for the site, there is a need to fill a number of underground tunnels and culverts at the site.

ID Corcoran Building Contractors Ltd (IDC), the principal contractor for enabling works, commissioned GCG LLP to provide geotechnical support for the cement-bentonite grouting works, as required by Magnox (i.e. the Employer). In fulfilment of this role, GCG has undertaken the following tasks: i) it has developed technical testing specifications and provided result interpretation for the grout mix design; ii) it has developed technical test specifications for the grouting works; iii) it has developed a construction monitoring plan for QA monitoring of the grout production; iv) it has provided site support during construction works, including staff training and construction monitoring; and v) it has analysed and interpreted data from grouting activity in order to assist IDC and provide technical advice. GCG’s involvement in this project is currently ongoing.