GCG’s Associate Prof Richard Jardine’s McClelland Lecture recording and full paper now available

GCG would like to congratulate its Associate, Prof Richard Jardine, on his 6th McClelland Lecture, entitled “Time-dependent vertical bearing behaviour of shallow foundations and driven piles”. Prof Jardine’s lecture includes many examples of project and research work he carried out in collaboration with GCG; e.g. the Borkum West II offshore windfarm, the offshore pile tests in the Baltic Sea and the Taiwan Straits, and the PAGE JIP, to name but a few.

Many of us, including our Senior Partner, Felix Schroeder (pictured with Prof Jardine above), had the pleasure of attending the Lecture at the 9th International SUT’s (Society for Underwater Technology) OSIG (Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics) Conference held in Imperial College London on 12th September.

For those who could not attend his lecture, a video recording of it is now available on YouTube.

His full paper can be accessed here.


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