GCG staff invited as panellists for Géotechnique’s 75th Anniversary Event

GCG staff have been invited as panellists to Géotechnique’s 75th Anniversary event on the 27th October at the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Our Senior Partner, Dr. Angeliki Grammatikopoulou, will be participating in the discussion on Session 1 (Soil micromechanics: from surface physics and chemistry to macro engineering applications) posing the question “Does particulate/pore mechanics really help enhance constitutive modelling and/or can directly be used in geotechnical engineering practice?”.

In addition, our Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Dr. Riccardo Scarfone, together with one of our Associates, Prof. Stephan Jefferis, will be participating in the discussion on Session 2 (Bio-assisted geotechnics: effective strategy in a Net Zero Carbon World?) with an opening question “Can we really design with biological materials that are unpredictable, degradable, and climate-sensitive?”.

Looking forward to the enlightening and scholastic discussions on these topics!


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