GCG Senior Partners and GCG Associate presenting at the EGGS Annual Conference in Cambridge

This weekend (11-13th April 2024) the Engineering Group of the Geological Society of London (EGGS)  hosts its annual conference in Cambridge. This year’s theme is on “Groundwater in Engineering Geology & Engineering Geology of Infrastructure Development”.

We’re proud to share that GCG’s Senior Partners, Dr Chris Menkiti and John Davis, will each be presenting and sharing their insights from Crossrail and Magnox Dungeness A. Additionally, our Associate, Dr James Lawrence, will deliver a keynote lecture that relates complex geomorphology with nuclear infrastructure. This participation underscores GCG’s work in and contributions to engineering geology alongside geotechnical engineering.

Chris Menkiti will present “Dewatering and depressurisation of the Chalk Group and Thanet Sand Formation for the eastern section of the Crossrail Project – overview, key challenges, and lessons learned.” This will explore groundbreaking approaches devised during one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in recent times.

John Davis will present “Tunnelling Underneath Nuclear Reactors – why would you do that?” This explores the risks, rewards, and the groundbreaking engineering that makes such feats possible.

Dr James Lawrence, will present his keynote lecture on “The geomorphology of West Cumbria: a tale of two hypotheses” alongside PhD Researcher Sinead Birks. West Cumbria has two existing nuclear licensed sites and could potentially host a Geological Disposal Facility. Therefore it is important to understand the impact of glaciation on the regional Quaternary sediments and geomorphology in relation to energy infrastructure. The presentation will explore how our understanding of the geomorphology and glacial events has evolved and highlight the ongoing research at Imperial College London.

For more information on the conference, visit the Engineering Group of the Geological Society’s event page here: https://geolsoc.org.uk/04-EGGS-Annual-Conference-2024.