GCG Associate Director to Participate in Geotechnica 2023 Panel Discussion

GCG Associate, Dr Phil Smith will be participating in a panel discussion, on ‘Effective Procurement of Ground Investigation” at Geotechnica 2023, on 5th July 2023.

Phil was previously part of the working group that produced the ‘UK Specification for Ground Investigation’ 3rd edition, which was published by ICE publishing in 2022, and can be viewed here: https://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/isbn/9780727765239

Currently, Phil sits on the ‘Effective Procurement of Ground Investigation’ working group, which comprises many members of the ‘UK Specification for Ground Investigation’ working group. This Guide is due to be published in 2024. Phil is also part of the steering group for CIRIA’s ‘Innovative Site Investigation Hub’, a platform created to share site investigation developments and solutions, and facilitate the promotion of good practice, whilst fostering collaboration between different stakeholders. More information on this platform can be viewed here: https://www.ciria.org/CIRIA/ISI_Hub/Innovative_Site_Investigation_Hub.aspx

To find out more about Geotechnica 2023, which is being held 5th & 6th July, at the Warwickshire Event Centre, please visit: https://www.equipegroup.com/geotechnica/information