Geotechnical Consulting Group
Senior Partners: Professor Lord Robert J. Mair
Mr. Tony Bracegirdle
Dr. Jerry P. Love
Professor Kelvin G. Higgins
Dr. Nesha Kovacevic
Mrs. Helen E. Scholes (nee Edmonds)
Dr. Chris O. Menkiti
Professor Zeljko Cabarkapa
Dr. Felix C. Schroeder
Dr. Jacqueline A. Skipper

Senior Consultants: Professor Hugh D. St John
Professor David W. Hight
Professor David M. Potts
Dr. George W.E. Milligan

Associate Directors: Mr. Mike S. Crilly
Mr. John A. Davis
Dr. Philip G. Smith
Dr. Gary Choy
Dr. Angeliki Grammatikopoulou
Dr. Apollonia Gasparre
Dr. Vicky Potts

Senior Geotechnical Engineers: Dr. Michael S P Wan
Ms. Kyriaki Semertzidou
Dr. Chandra O.R. Abbireddy

Geotechnical Engineers: Dr. Amandine M. Brosse
Dr. Vasilis Avgerinos
Dr. Giuseppe Pedone
Mr. David Chu
Mr. Murray McGregor

GCG's Associates enlarge our pool of expertise and provide an essential link with leading academic and research institutions in the UK and overseas. Through the Associates, the consulting service draws on the most recent developments in theory and practice.

Associates Affiliation

Professor D. Muir Wood
Professor R.J. Jardine
Professor A. Gens

Professor R.N. Taylor
Dr. B.M. New

Professor S. Shibuya
Dr. D.A. Greenwood
Mr. R.C. Bridle
Professor S.A. Jefferis
Dr. J.R. Standing
Prof. L.T. Zdravkovic
Professor T.D. O'Rourke
Professor K. Soga

Professor B. Byrne

University of Dundee, UK
Imperial College, London, UK
Technical University of
Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

City University, London, UK
Formerly Transport Research
Laboratory, UK

Kobe University, Japan
Formerly of Cementation
Dam Safety
Independent Consultant
Imperial College, London, UK
Imperial College, London, UK
Cornell University, USA
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Oxford University, UK

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