Geotechnical Consulting Group

NGI/GCG Workshop - April 2005

A significant number of GCG staff went to Oslo, Norway in the beginning of April 2005 for a joint NGI/GCG workshop. Following the workshop the GCG staff were invited to join NGI staff and their families on a skiing weekend in Ferfor. The workshop and skiing weekend were organised so that members of the two companies could get to know each other and become familiar with each other's technical expertise.

Since this very successful visit, Ragnar Moholdt of NGI has joined GCG's offices in London for a period of six months, and Felix Schroeder will spend six months at NGI starting from May 2005.

Key (from left to right):

Zeljko Cabarkapa (GCG), Jerry Love (GCG), Vaughan Meyer (GCG), Audun Hauge (NGI), Egil Solhjell (NGI), Chris Menkiti (GCG), Ragnar Moholdt (NGI), Lorena Montoya (GCG), Felix Schroeder (GCG), Eystein Grimstad (NGI), David Gill (GCG), Lorenzo Facibeni (GCG), Hugh St. John (GCG), Angeliki Grammatikopoulou (GCG), Phil Smith (GCG), Njemile Salandy (GCG), Andrew Merritt (GCG), Suzanne Lacasse (NGI).