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November 2017: Dr Jackie Skipper, one of GCG’s Senior Partners and our Senior Geologist, has been awarded the Glossop Medal by the Engineering Group of the Geological Society and delivered the 18th Glossop Lecture titled “Variability and ground hazards: how does the ground get to be ‘unexpected’?”.
The Glossop Medal is given annually to an eminent engineering geologist who has made world-renowned contributions to civil engineering through the application of engineering geology, and is preceded by the Glossop Lecture. It is the Engineering Group's most prestigious award and an accolade of the highest distinction in the field.

November 2017: Professor Lord Mair, one of GCG’s founders and current senior partner, has been appointed the Institution of Civil Engineer’s 153rd president. His presidential address at the inauguration can be viewed here.

October 2017: Dr Vasilis Avgerinos was awarded the Geotechnical Research Medal along with his co-authors Professor David Potts and Dr Jamie Standing for their paper titled “The use of kinematic hardening models for predicting tunnelling-induced ground movements in London Clay”.
This medal, presented at the ICE Publishing Awards ceremony, recognises the paper for having made the best contribution in the field of geotechnical engineering amongst all the papers published by the prestigious Géotechnique journal over the past year.

October 2017: Professor Kelvin Higgins, one of GCG’s senior partners, has been appointed as the vice-chairman of the British Geotechnical Association’s executive committee.
Furthermore, Professor Higgins has also been appointed as chairman of the Institution of Civil Engineer’s exemption and recognition panel.

May 2017: Dr Jackie Skipper will be presenting a lecture at The Geological Society with the title "Pingos, scours and drift filled hollows. What are they, how did they form and why don’t you want one on your site". The lecture will draw upon recent research and site experience and will be held at Burlington House on the 25th May 2017.

December 2016: Dr Barry New, one of GCG’s Associates, has been selected to present next year’s Harding Memorial Lecture at the Institution of Civil Engineers on the 19th January 2017. The Harding Memorial Lecture is delivered every second year and is named in honour of Sir Harold Harding, the founding chairman of the British Tunnelling Society. These lectures are given by distinguished speakers on a tunnelling related area of expertise. Dr New’s upcoming presentation will explore tunnelling impact assessments for existing utility pipelines and tunnel assets.

December 2016: Dr Chris Menkiti, one of GCG’s senior partners, has been invited to inaugurate the Geological Society’s Year of Risk by delivering a lecture titled ‘Tunnelling Ground Risks – A Client's Perspective’. The presentation will be held at Capita House in East Grinstead on the 10th January 2017.
Dr Menkiti will also be a member of the judging panel for the upcoming BGA Fleming Award this month and for the Ground Engineering Award in July 2017.

April 2016: Professor David Hight, one of GCG's founding directors, has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. The Royal Society is the world’s oldest scientific academy and its Fellowship comprise of leading scientists, engineers and technologists. Read more here.
We celebrated this election with a number of GCG staff, Associates, friends and family in July 2016. Click here to see the group photo.

March 2016: On 16th March 2016 Professor Richard Jardine, one of GCG’s Associates, presented the 2016 Rankine Lecture. The title of his lecture was “Geotechnics and Energy”. An abstract of the lecture can be found here.

January 2016: Professor Zeljko Cabarkapa, senior partner of GCG, was appointed an Honorary Visiting Professor at City University London. In this role he will be contributing to various activities of the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering.

November 2015: Professor Lord Mair, one of GCG’s founding directors, presented the 2015 Hinton Lecture. The Hinton Lecture is the flagship lecture of the Royal Academy of Engineering and is awarded to leading experts across the different engineering disciplines. His lecture was titled “Creating underground infrastructure – the role of geotechnical engineering”.

October 2015: Professor Robert Mair, one of GCG's founding directors, has been appointed to the House of Lords as a crossbencher. People of great distinction in their respective fields are chosen to bring expertise and independent judgement to the House of Lords. This appointment recognises Lord Mair’s illustrious practical and academic endeavours in civil engineering.

May 2015: The ICFEP group at Imperial College, led by Professor David Potts, was awarded the President's Medals for Outstanding Research Team by Imperial College. This award recognises the team’s international standing and the outstanding research carried out by the team which has been impactful in academic research and industry practice.

May 2014: Dr Philip Smith, Associate Director at GCG, received the Health and Safety Award at the ICE Publishing Awards 2014 along with co-authors Ursula Lawrence, Sarah Terry and Simon Cooke for their paper entitled "Unexploded ordnance risk assessment on Crossrail project in London - pre-empting best practice".

May 2014: GCG were part of the team winning the top award - Greatest Contribution to London - at the ICE London Awards 2014. The award for the "Baker Street to Bond Street Tunnel Remediation" was announced by Boris Johnson.

May 2014: Robert Mair, one of GCG's founding directors, was confirmed as succeeding Vice President from November 2014, with a view to becoming President in November 2017, subject to interim annual election by ICE Council.

November 2013: Prof Lidija Zdravkovic, one of our Associates, gave the 2013 Geotechnique lecture "Geotechnical numerical analysis: a road map" at the ICE.

October 2013: At the ICE Award Ceremony on 18th of October 2013 Prof Robert J. Mair was awarded the President's medal for services to the profession.

At the same ceremony the John Mitchell medal was awarded to Dr Chris O. Menkiti and the Geotechnical Research Medal to Dr. Jamie R. Standing, one of our Associates.

August 2013: Dr Lidija Zdravkovic, one of our Associates, was appointed Professor of Computational Geomechanics at Imperial College London.

June 2013: At its AGM on 7th June 2013, the British Geotechnical Association (BGA) awarded the BGA Medal to Prof David M. Potts and Dr Lidija Zdravkovic for their paper "Accounting for partial material factors in numerical analysis".

Marina Sideri, one of GCG's recent recruits, was presented the BGA MSc Prize for her 2012 MSc dissertation at Imperial College London entitled "A study of ground loading on shafts".

January 2013: Jackie Skipper gave a lecture entitled "Reconciling Past and Future Worlds: Geology and Ground Engineering" as part of the Shell Lecture series oraganised by The Geological Society.

January 2013: Prof Robert Mair was featured on the BBC Life Scientific. Jim Al-Khalili talked to Professor Mair about his life as an engineer in academia and industry and his expertise in finding innovative solutions, with particular reference to the problem of tunnel construction under congested cities.

December 2012: It was announced that Hugh D. St John will present the Inaugural Keiichi Fujita Lecture at the International Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground in Seoul in 2014. The lecture is awarded to a renowned expert of international experience, reputation and impact in the field of underground construction in soft ground.

October 2012: Kelvin G. Higgins was appointed a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London.

October 2012: On the 1st of October 2012 the business of Geotechnical Consulting Group (Asia) Ltd was acquired by Golder Associates and now trades as Golder Associates (Hong Kong) Ltd. more...

May 2012: Dr. Liam Wotherspoon from the University of Auckland has been awarded the GCG Fellowship, allowing him to spend 6 months in the UK working with GCG, Imperial College and Cambridge University. Further details are outlined in this article from the University of Auckland Engineering Alumni News.

February 2010: The Ground Engineering Award 2010 for Technical Excellence went to the Cannon Place project. GCG acted as geotechnical advisors to Foggo Associates for this project and in the words of Tony Taylor (Foggo Associates' project designer): "This award owes a great deal to GCG."

January 2010: Professor Robert J. Mair was awarded a CBE in the 2010 New Year's Honours List for services to Engineering.

June 2009: At its AGM on 9th June 2009, the British Geotechnical Association (BGA) awarded the Skempton Medal to Hugh D. St John in recognition of his long standing contribution to the practice of geotechnical engineering.

Also presented at the AGM was the newly constituted BGA Medal awarded to Dr Stavroula Kontoe, Dr Lidija Zdravkovic, Prof David M. Potts and Dr Chris O. Menkiti for their paper 'Case study on seismic tunnel response', published in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal 45: 1743-1764 (2008).

March 2009: On 18th March 2009 Professor Tom O'Rourke, one of GCG's Associates, presented the 2009 Rankine Lecture. The title of his lecture was "Geohazards & Large Geographically Distributed Systems". An abstract of the lecture can be found here.

May 2008: Professor Peter R. Vaughan, one of our founding Directors, passed away on Friday 16 May 2008.

October 2007: A joint NGI/GCG workshop was held at GCG's offices in London on the 4th and 5th of October 2007.

March 2007: On 21st March 2007 Professor Antonio Gens, one of GCG's Associates, presented the 2007 Rankine Lecture. The title of his lecture was "Soil-environment interactions in geotechnical engineering". An abstract of the lecture can be found here.

March 2006: On 22nd March 2006 Professor Robert J. Mair presented the 2006 Rankine Lecture. The title of his lecture was "Tunnelling and Geotechnics - New Horizons". An abstract of the lecture can be found here.

since May 2005: GCG and NGI have been exchanging staff since May 2005. In 2005, Ragnar Moholdt of NGI joined GCG’s offices in London and Felix Schroeder spent six months at NGI in Oslo, Norway. More recently, Tonje Eide Helle, Morten Saue and Veslemoy Garda worked on GCG’s Crossrail team for periods of around 6 months each.

April 2005: A joint NGI/GCG workshop was held at NGI's offices in Oslo, Norway on the 7th and 8th of April 2005.

2004: The East Midlands Merit Award 2004 was awardeded for the design and construction of Keadby Lock Strengthening Works. GCG provided specialist advice to Cementation Foundations Skanska for this project.

November 2004: GCG was part of the Fleming Award 2004 winning team for the project: Moorhouse Draught Relief Shaft for Crossrail, London.

November 2003: GCG was part of the Fleming Award 2003 winning team for the project: Dublin Port Tunnel.

March 2002: A group photo of all GCG's staff at the celebration of Professor Dave Potts' Rankine Lecture - 'Numerical Methods - Practial reality or virtual dream?'.

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